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Finding the Others:
How to Build a Robust
Psychedelic Community

Are you passionate about psychedelics but find it challenging to connect with like-minded individuals in your area?

Look no further! Introducing "Finding the Others: How to Build a Robust Psychedelic Community," an inspiring talk that will guide you towards creating a thriving local community centered around psychedelic enthusiasm.

Unveiling the Secret Recipe:
Discover the essential ingredients for nurturing a healthy and vibrant psychedelic community as Tobey and Elizabeth share their invaluable insights gained from over a decade of experience in building psychedelic clubs, societies, and integration groups.


Embrace the Growth:
As grassroots psychedelic communities sprout across the nation like mushrooms, they need committed supporters like you to flourish. Learn how to become an engaged advocate and actively contribute to the expansion of these transformative spaces.


What to Expect:
In this captivating presentation, we will cover:

  • Essentials of a Healthy Psychedelic Community: Understand the key elements that contribute to the success of a thriving psychedelic community, providing a safe and welcoming space for discussions.

  • Guarding Against Harm: Learn how members can collaboratively safeguard their community from potentially harmful influences and interlopers, fostering a secure environment for growth and exploration.

  • Becoming an Ethical Leader: Discover the qualities and traits of ethical leadership within the psychedelic realm, and empower yourself to become a respected guide in your community.

  • Envisioning Psychedelic Villages: Let your imagination soar as we explore the possibilities of future psychedelic villages, where unity, understanding, and compassion thrive.

  • Strengthening Your Grassroots Movement: Gain practical tips and tricks to strengthen and grow your grassroots movement, making a lasting impact on the psychedelic landscape.

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