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DIY Psychedelic

Integration Circle Workshop

& Leadership Course

Virtual Classes

We will take you from start to finish in creating a Psychedelic Integration Support Group in your area - even if you have no idea where to start.

Learn, Practice, Grow

*No Experience Necessary*

What's included

  • 8 Live Workshop Classes - Via Zoom

  • Private Cohort Integration Circles

  • Group-flow guidelines and white papers

  • Guide to Typical Client Questions

  • Process-driven Assignments

  • 6 Group Mentoring Sessions

  • Opportunities To Co-lead a Live Psychedelic Support Group

  • Private members only group on our website (not on facebook)

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Be Prepared!

"Elizabeth and Tobey are amazing humans that really enjoy and are dedicated to the education and support of the community despite their busy day to day lives. I am grateful for them and this course, they show up so truthfully and always make you feel seen, heard, and welcome. They both share all their knowledge in the most graceful way. The course it self is full of tools, resources and information to create a safe container for integration."

~Sandra (San Antonio, Tx)

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Lesson Plan

Week 1: Introductions / Sharing Circle

Week 2: Introductions to peer support groups + Finding a Space to meet and gather

Week 3: Ethical Space Holding

Week 4: Creating a Support Group Container- Basics

Week 5: Personal Development & Self Care

Week 6 : Advanced support group skills: Dealing with difficult people 

Week 7: “Leaving Room for the Magic”,  Calling-in(before calling-out), 

Week 8: Odds & Ends | Final *Integration Circle*

Be a Leader!

"This was a fantastic course. Kudos to Elizabeth and Tobey. Their lessons were organized, clear, and packed with useful information that translates to the psychedelic landscape and also to life itself. I feel like I have an arsenal of new tools to take with me and use in this crazy thing we call integration, aka life. Thank you."

~Caitlin (Austin, Tx)

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Sample Integration Topics
  • ​Ethical space holding

  • Setting the group tone

  • Managing difficult group members

  • Booking locations & advertising your event

  • Leading mindfulness exercises

  • Handling conflicts of interest

  • Leaving room for the Magic

  • Facilitator self-care

  • Supporting those with different world views

  • Keeping it consensual & avoiding advice giving

  • Dealing with mental health crisis

  • Maintaining boundaries

  • Donations vs Charging for tickets

  • And much more!

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Be Prepared!

"I'm so glad I decided to sign up for this class! I've learned a lot about holding a container for a peer-support, psychedelic integration circle and all the various components that go into this type of work. There are many aspects to holding this type group that I had never considered. I feel much more prepared after taking this course. This has opened my eyes on many levels, it's given me many new tools to work with, and I'm excited to see where this takes me! Thank you so much Tobey and Elizabeth, for the way you show up and the way you hold space and teach this class. It was an incredible container to be in!"

~Echo (Costa Rica)

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Meet Your Instructors



My name is Elizabeth J.O.

I have over 15 years experience as an educator and change coach. 

  • Former Supervisor at Zendo Project & Fireside Project

  • Psychedelic 1st Aid with NEST Harm Reduction, Harmonia, RestPit, Sanctuary, and more

  • Founder & Coach at Altered States Integration

  • Author of Breaking Emotional Addiction: Neurohacking Borderline Personality with Ibogaine


My name is Tobey T. 

I have over 8 years of experience in psychedelic spaces. I am an active psychedelic advocate, community builder and harm reduction specialist.

  • Founding member of the Psychedelic Club of Denver and served as the club’s president for four years.

  • Worked on Decriminalize Denver - the first ballot initiative to decriminalize psychedelics in the United States.

  • LPCC, MA -Clinical Mental Health (Naropa University 2023) Concentration in mindfulness-based transpersonal counseling

  • Former Equine Therapist Intern at Medicine Horse

Support Group

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Psychedelic Leader!

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Be the activist who decided to go for it._edited.jpg
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