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Neurohacking Borderline Personality Disorder with Ibogaine

“By the time I took the third dose, I was feeling the edge of something,__ suddenly I was worried. I knew it was now or never. I would die or be healed. I took the last pill without being able to finish my yogurt. As I handed Buddy the yogurt, I felt physically less steady. I thought “my god girl what have you done”.



Informative, Raw, Hopeful.

Would you risk death to the escape misery pushing you toward suicide? Can medicine and psychology really help mental health problems? Do psychedelics hold the key to curing the emotional addiction in Borderline Personality Disorder?

This is a story of how E.J.O. combined the power of behavioral psychotherapy and the psychedelic Iboga to Neurohack BPD and break her emotional addition to suicidal thoughts.

Get and in depth look into the mind of a borderline. See how she came to struggle with this disease; it might not be what you think. Join her on her journey to recovery as she peices science, mysticism and psychedelics together to break out of her BPD in this tale of heart break, depression, neurohacking, and psychedelics.


"A harrowing journey through an Iboga trip that helped her to heal and progress through childhood trauma, her experience with borderline personality disorder, and integrate everything into new experiences. It also provided a profound experience around mortality. We are teetering so close between realms all the time, and yet we don’t know it, or we’re not always aware of it."

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