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What's In Your Baggie?
Drug Checking & Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is a set of ideas and interventions that seek to reduce the harms associated with both drug use and ineffective, racialized drug policies” - Drug Policy Alliance

In this Harm Reduction talk, Tobey and Elizabeth will share what they have learned from over 10 years of experience providing psychedelic peer-support at festivals. They will offer an introduction to the world of harm reduction, demonstrate substance testing, and discuss psychedelic benefit maximization

Harm reduction is more of an attitude than any single intervention. This presentation will review  the history of Harm Reduction and its intersection with psychedelics. We will provide actionable steps towards keeping you and your community safer.


While we can’t know exactly what we are buying from the black market, reagent testing can provide some clues to reduce the risk of consuming bath salts, amphetamines or other undesired adulterants in powders, pills and paper. It is one of the most accessible tools used to identify unknown substances for the home user. We will teach and demonstrate the use of a 4 test reagent panel. 


Fentanyl overdoses are now the number one cause of death for adults between 18 and 45 years old in the U.S. As part of our discussion on substance testing, we will teach how to use fentanyl testing strips to scan for fentanyl contamination. We will also discuss what to do in the unfortunate incident of an opiate overdose. 


Once the risk of harm is reduced with these simple tools, benefit maximization can be pursued in a healing context. Psychedelic benefit maximization focuses on strategies and techniques to get the most out of an entheogenic session. 


This class will: 

  • Present an introduction to Harm Reduction principles

  • Teach the basics of home reagent & fentanyl testing

  • Discuss Psychedelic Benefit Maximization 

Download of this class includes: a recording of the program, digital resource guide, and fentanyl test strip specific video.

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