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The Why (Y) in Psychedelics

The Why (Y) in Psychedelics

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Why are you looking for an altered state experience? What are you trying to get out of your psychedelic experience?



Examining and questioning WHY you are interested in psychedelics will inform the rest of the psychedelic experience and offer you a game plan to create an optimal environment with benefit maximization and harm reduction in mind.



Join us as we explore the WHY part of psychedelics. 


This Class Will :

  • Explore Intention, Curating and Creating an Ideal Set and Setting,Examine various ‘WHY archetypes’ and their utilization of psychedelics

  • Examine the psychology of ritual and its intersection with psychedelics

  • Dig into how to utilize ritual to bring intention into an experience to influence set and setting

  • Teach you to create and utilize an intention to deepen your psychedelic experience

  • Give an opportunity to create an individual intention statement and discuss personal applications of ritual.


About your Speaker Tobey T.

  • Owner/Coach Altered States Integration

  • Former President Psychedelic Club of Denver

  • Masters of Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling Candidate at Naropa

  • Decriminalize Nature Advocate involved in Decriminalize Denver + DC

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