Working with Altered Spaces: Psychedelic Harm Reduction 201

Working with Altered Spaces: Psychedelic Harm Reduction 201


Want to learn more about Trauma informed Space holding? Join us for a deep dive by Erica Siegal, LCSW, MDMA research therapist and founder of NEST Harm Reduction. This course will provide a toolbox for psychedelic harm reduction, crisis space-holding, and ethically giving support.  Join us for this one of a kind opportunity.

In this class you will learn:

  • Various reduction models

  • Empathetic trauma space-holding

  • Harm Reduction tips and tricks

  • Common psychedelic crisis archetypes

This insightful 90 minute talk on working with altered spaces is an essential for explorers and holders alike.


About the Speaker:

Erica Siegal, LCSW is a professional harm reductionist, community organizer and MDMA-assisted psychotherapy researcher.  Erica has been providing psychedelic harm reduction services & mental health crisis response at festivals and events for the past seven years.  In late 2019, she founded her own company, NEST Harm Reduction & Consulting to provide compassionate trauma-informed direct care, professional trainings and consulting services to grassroots harm reduction organizations.


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