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Neurohacking Healing with Psychedelics

Neurohacking Healing with Psychedelics


Orignally produced April 18th, 2021 for Tam Integration and the Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration Family All Star Jamboree.  Recordings for the entire conference can be purchased here:

The Neurohacking scene has close ties to the modern psychedelic revolution. Neurohacking tools look to apply neurological research to performance enhancement and creative problem solving. This group of pioneers have developed and explored many of the difficult experiences presented along the learning curve. Many of the theoretical ‘hacks’ can offer ideas to the still developing world of psychedelic healing.

In this presentation we will look at the intersection of neurohacking and psychedelics to see how they can inform the planning of a healing psychedelic session. No matter your Psychedelic archetype, using a benefit maximization mindset and viewing healing through the lens of neurohacking can potentiate growth. Practicing experience-enhancing skills, gives you tools to immediately empower your psychedelic planning, journeying, and integration.

This class will:

-Create a framework for benefit maximization and enhanced integration

-Define the primary archetypes of psychedelic uses

-Review learning theories and neuroplasticity

-Discuss essential lessons from the flow state

-Review design considerations for altered state experimentation

-Present neurohacking skills for healing and growth acceleration

Our Neurohacking Starters Guide created for the Mt. Tam Integration Jamboree is included free of charge. It includes additional resources and information to further study into Neurohacking. It covers Biological, Behavioral, and Physical approaches to neurohacking.

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