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Don't Make These 3 Mistakes After a Powerful Altered State

Updated: Apr 18

On returning to the “real” world after a particularly meaningful altered state, there is an urge to make meaningful changes. Riding these positive impulses can be a powerful catalyst to taking on many of the difficulties that come with nuerohacking our habits. Unfortunately, during the reforming process we can make some quick decisions that may hurt us in the long run. Here’s a few things to avoid doing without Meditating on it first:

1. Send a letter to your ex-partner describing your new perspective on your past relationship. Whether an apology or loving insight, it can do damage or start up an old dialogue better left dead. Write the letter, it can be purgative and helps the integration process, just resist hitting the send button till emotions have evened out. If you still feel the need to send it after a few weeks, run it by a few friends and edit it to make sure to minimize to the minimum necessary content before sending. Ask yourself: is this loving, is this kind, is this necessary. 

2. Quit your job. Even if you hate your job, leaving it and finding a new income source is a big undertaking. Consider applying for your dream job and in the meantime, talk to your boss about pain points at work. Even if a career change is in your future, developing conflict resolution skills will help with professional development. In particularly toxic workplaces, leaving  gracefully is hard but easier that trying to deal with a bad reference. Working a while longer is probably worth it, if a smooth transition can ensure financial stability.

3. Sell all your possessions and move to Tibet to be a monk. No matter how good of an idea this seems to be after listening to Ram Dass under the influence of LSD, give this idea some time to percolate. Where do you want to travel to? Where will you sleep? Do not ditch your car and travel the world (at least not without a plan). If the complexity of change usually casts you into a quagmire of despair, just plan the first stop on your trip and only minimal details. Learning to balance between rash decision making and overthinking is a skill that will help you get through many of life’s changes.

Remember, that while you may believe with every fiber of your being that this extreme change is the best for your new life, it may not be. Any drastic changes that you need to make will still be a good decision next week or even next month. Focus on the small steps that will make big energy shifts possible and healthy. If you still need to release some extreme change energy, consider getting a drastic hair style or wearing an outfit you wouldn’t normally put on. There are plenty of ways to represent the changes we are working toward and to get the energetic ball rolling.

What kind of big changes have you made with the help of psychedelics? We love to hear your stories at

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