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Wed, Aug 09


via Zoom

Wix Test

Are you lacking a psychedelic community in your local area? How does one become an ethical leader in this space? What ingredients does it take to build a healthy psychedelic community?

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Aug 09, 2023, 12:00 PM CDT – Aug 10, 2023, 12:00 PM CDT

via Zoom

About the Event

Finding the Others: How to Build a Robust Psychedelic Community

Even though interest in psychedelics is growing, it can be challenging to find local people to safely discuss this taboo topic. Grassroot psychedelic communities are popping up like mushrooms all across the country, but they need engaged supporters like you!

This talk will explore the recipe for growing a healthy community centered around psychedelic enthusiasm. Tobey and Elizabeth will share knowledge gained from over 10 years of experience in building psychedelic clubs, societies, and integration groups. This presentation will offer an introduction to community building, tips for getting started, and explore the future of psychedelic communities.

This class will:

  • Explore the elements of a healthy psychedelic community
  • Discuss how members can help reduce harmful behaviors from interlopers
  • Describe what it takes to be an ethical leader and how to grow into one
  • Brainstorm what future psychedelic villages might look like
  • Offer tips and tricks to strengthen your grassroots movement

**Recording will be sent out after the event to all tickets** 

About the Speakers:

Tobey Tobey is an Integration Coach, psychedelic advocate, social entrepreneur and a M.A. of Counseling candidate at Naropa. He has over 7 years of experience in harm reduction, offering on-site peer support and drug education with Zendo Project, N.E.S.T., DanceSafe, Harmonia, and is the past president of Psychedelic Club of Denver. Tobey is passionate about community outreach and policy change, including working on the successful decriminalizationz campaigns in Denver and D.C. He is excited to use his education to continue his work as a community builder and psychedelic advocate.

Elizabeth J.O. is a Holistic Dietitian Nutritionist and Change Coach with 15 years of clinical experience. Since graduating from Bastyr University, she has studied: coaching, human behavior, psychology, yoga, flow states, and mindfulness-based therapies. In her free time, she offers peer support in online forums and volunteers at festivals providing psychedelic harm reduction with N.E.S.T, Zendo Project, Fireside Project, RestPit, and Sanctuary. Elizabeth co-founded Altered States Integration in 2012 to reduce the barriers accessing integration services. She is a director at PsyT: Psychedelic Society of Texas and organizes their online chapter. She has also authored Breaking Emotional Addiction: Neurohacking BPD with Ibogaine, detailing her personal healing journey. Elizabeth is passionate about reducing barriers to finding compassionate support for processing non-ordinary states of consciousness. She is currently studying coaching at Lumia.


Altered States Integration is not therapy and is not intended as a substitute for other types of counseling or medical care. We are not licensed therapists and do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. We are peer coaches providing a safe space for clients to process the contents of their experience(s) and receive feedback with reflective listening.

Altered States Integration does NOT encourage or condone the purchase, sale or transfer of any illegal substances, nor do they encourage or condone partaking in any unlawful activities related to illegal substances. Please refer to your country, state, and city laws regarding use of psychedelics and alternative substances.


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    $20 is the suggested full price purchase for a 2 hour event, however cost should not prevent participation. Please pay what you can and join us regardless.

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