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Ready-4-Psychedelics DIY Bootcamp: Becoming your own hero!
Ready-4-Psychedelics DIY Bootcamp: Becoming your own hero!

September 2023


Live Webinar

Ready-4-Psychedelics DIY Bootcamp: Becoming your own hero!

Are you ready to work on changing your life with psychedelics? Are you planning on using enthogens to heal and grow? Do you have a road map to guide your DIY healing journey?

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September 2023

Live Webinar

About the Event

Ready-4-Psychedelics DIY Bootcamp: Becoming your own hero!

In this LIVE class you will be invited to share struggles and apply skills in a support group setting. Each class will start with a unique mindfulness meditation to help you find your own path to peace. We will provide a short lesson on the topic that will provide a scientific basis for the skills taught. Then the class will be invited to learn a new skill through participation. We will wrap up with a check-out and goals setting for the coming week. Additional materials and video will be provided to support do-it-yourself education outside of class for continued growth and development of skills. Don’t miss this empowering opportunity and complete series.

Ready-4-Psychedelics DIY Bootcamp: Becoming your own hero!


  • Mindfulness skills
  • Practical tools
  • In-class practice
  • Supplemental Exercises
  • Empowering Action Steps
  • Group Feedback

This program includes:

  Pre-Event Bootcamp

  PreClass Supplemental Readings

  Interactive Class

  Post Class Assignment

  Mid-Point Coaching Check-in

  Graduation Coaching

  Additional Resource List

You get:

3 - 1:1 Coaching Sessions (3x 50= $150)

1 - Private Online Support Group (20 a month x 3 = $60)

9 - Skills Based Classes (30 x 9 =$270)

9 - Mindfulness Based Recorded Exercises (9 x 4 = $36)

18 - Weeks of focused Accountability Coaching ($100)

Bonus - Weekly Enhanced Learning Assignments ($25)

Advanced Studies Resource List

*Bonus* Why in Psych Class ($45)

Total Value = $641

NOW $337 over 50%OFF


Presentation will be live to allow for questions via Zoom. A recording will be made availible after the presentation and sent out to participants. Pre- and Post-class readings will be posted in our Private online group (not facebook). Post questions and recieve feedback while expereincing transformational course.


  • DIY Transformational Bootcamp

    Join us for this 18 week, 9 class series designed to give you the skills you need to success at your healing journey. We will coach 20 individuals through this transformational workshop series. *altered state not included*




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