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Psychedelic Professionals Case Study & Support Group
Psychedelic Professionals Case Study & Support Group

Sun, Feb 25


via Zoom

Psychedelic Professionals Case Study & Support Group

Welcome to our Psychedelic Professional Case Study & Support Group – an engaging online space where psychedelic professionals gather to learn, support, and evolve within a community of like-minded peers.

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Join Us On:

Feb 25, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST

via Zoom

About the Event

Our session unfolds in two segments. First, we delve into a compelling case study that illustrates a psychedelic scenario. Together, we collaboratively devise action plans on how to navigate these complex situations, drawing upon the collective wisdom of our community.

Facilitated by our experienced harm reductionists, Tobey T. and Elizabeth J.O.,  these case studies provide a shared learning experience, fostering an opportunity to apply skills within a secure and supportive environment. This exercise serves as a springboard for rich discussions on key skills within the psychedelic space.

Following a brief intermission, we transition into an open sharing segment. Here, participants are encouraged to recount their own experiences as community leaders, space holders, or psychedelic therapists. We explore the intricate emotions natural to being a psychedelic space holder, addressing topics such as: compassion fatigue, community conflict, and integration challenges. Additionally, we delve into the significance of reintegration for providers and collectively brainstorm ways to mitigate the risk of secondary trauma in our harm reductionists.

Sample Case Study Topics:

  • Difficult Psychedelic Experience at a Festival
  • Integration Challenges
  • Unexpected Medical Issue During a Session
  • Community Conflict
  • Navigating Ego Dissolution
  • Cross-Cultural Considerations
  • Disclosure Dilemma
  • Emergency Services Involvement
  • Post-Session Crisis

Join us to connect with fellow professionals in the psychedelic community. Acquire valuable insights and practical strategies for navigating challenging situations. Engage in discussions that illuminate the emotional dimensions of being a psychedelic space holder. Your peers await to share, support, and grow with you.

*Due to the sensitive nature of these Support circles, NO RECORDING is available. 

**Please try to be on time as you may not be able to get in after our icebreaker because we are busy or we are waiting until a sensetive share is over.

Integration Circle Rules

After our ICE-BREAKER, we will open up the circle 1st to people who would like to integrate a specific experience. Shares are given up to 5 min. We will then ask if the person would like to receive reflections. If desired, we will open the floor for 2-3 reflections. At that point we will then move to the next share.

If no one feels called to share a personal experience we will open the circle to questions and general conversations. Please limit shared times to allow responses.

We are also going to ask everyone to:

- Speak from personal perspective

- No Advice Giving. Use 'I' statements.

- Bring an open mind

- Confidentiality “what happens in Zoom, stays in Zoom”

- No Recording of ANY kind

- Silence all electronic devices

- Avoid distractive behavior: eating, multitasking, driving

- Mute mic when not talking

- avoid crosstalk

- Participation! We request that everyone participates on some level. That can look like: just turning on your camera, or participating in the check in verbally or via the chat. This is for the comfort of the group and everyone who is showing up and sharing vulnerably.

- No Solicitation of Substances or Promotion of Retreats (see disclaimer) please avoid naming specific guides or retreats

- No showing stash picks or substances on camera


Altered States Integration is not therapy and is not intended as a substitute for other types of counseling or medical care. We are not licensed therapists and do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. We are peer coaches providing a safe space for clients to process the contents of their experience(s) and receive feedback with reflective listening.

Altered States Integration does NOT encourage or condone the purchase, sale or transfer of any illegal substances, nor do they encourage or condone partaking in any unlawful activities related to illegal substances. Please refer to your country, state, and city laws regarding use of psychedelics and alternative substances.


  • $19 Full Price Ticket

    $19 is the suggested full price purchase for a 2 hour event, however cost should not prevent participation. Please pay what you can and join us regardless.

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  • $13 Sliding-Scale Ticket

    $20 is the suggested full price purchase for a 2 hour event, however cost should not prevent participation. Please pay what you can and join us regardless.

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