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Creating a Psychedelic Plan: Mapping the Trail - DIY Coaching Bootcamp
Creating a Psychedelic Plan: Mapping the Trail - DIY Coaching Bootcamp

Thu, Mar 04


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Creating a Psychedelic Plan: Mapping the Trail - DIY Coaching Bootcamp

DIY Coaching Bootcamp: Class 8 of 8

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Mar 04, 2021, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM CST

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About the Event

This 60 minute class will give you ACTIONABLE DIY tools you can use immediately to explore your own inner space (being). We will teach you the skills and techniques commonly used by somatic, DBT, CBT and many more therapies.

Creating a Psychedelic Plan: Mapping the Trail

Do you have doubts that you’ve addressed all the basic considerations for your pending altered state? Are you unsure of whether a sitter or guide is right for you? Would you like support and feed back about an existing psychedelic plan?

What you put in is what you get out - especially when it comes to psychedelics. This episode of the DIY Coaching Bootcamp will focus on creating a psychedelic plan.  We will examine the concepts of set and setting and how to utilize them best to create a positive, growth centric experience.

This Class Will:

  • Support you in creating healthy expectations for your pending altered state
  • Review necessary and optional pre-Psychedelics neurohacking checklist including determining a prep work timeline.
  • Give individuals a change to share their potential plan and receive feedback about potential safety issues
  • Be focused on client experiences and trouble shooting their plans.


In this LIVE class you will be invited to share struggles and apply skills in a support group setting. Each class will start with a unique mindfulness meditation to help you find your own path to peace. We will provide a short lesson on the topic that will provide a scientific basis for the skills taught. Then the class will be invited to learn a new skill through participation. We will wrap up with a check-out and goals setting for the coming week. Additional materials and video will be provided to support do-it-yourself education outside of class for continued growth and development of skills. Don’t miss this empowering opportunity and complete series.



  • Mindfulness skills
  • Practical tools
  • In-class practice
  • Supplemental Exercises
  • Empowering Action Steps

Other Bootcamp TOPICS:

  • Integration Journaling: Writing Your Story
  • Discovering Values: Know Your Quest
  • Ritual of Change: Building Better Habits
  • Coping Skills Toolbox: Arming your Psyche
  • Setting Goals & Intentions: Charting the Course
  • Observing Rumination: The Inner Voice in Focus
  • Moving Through Procrastination: Slaying the Fear
  • Creating a Psychedelic Plan: Mapping the Trail
  • BONUS - Integration Aftercare: The New Normal


Workshop will be live to allow for questions via Zoom. A recording will be made available after the presentation.

What you will need

Please bring paper and something to write on. Colored markers, pens or crayons work well for the activities we all do in class.

By joining this meeting you are agreeing to:

-Arrive five minutes early

-Silence all electronic devices

- Avoid distractive behavior: eating, multitasking

- Mute mic when not talking

- avoid crosstalk

- No Advice Giving

- Speak from personal perspective

- Bring an open mind

** I agree to all rules regarding drug use and procurement**

Altered States Integration are NOT licensed therapists and do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. Peer-coaches do not assess individuals for mental health conditions nor provide psychotherapy, counseling or any other mental health services that may require board licensure.

Altered States Integration does NOT encourage or condone the purchase, sale or transfer of any illegal substances, nor do they encourage or condone partaking in any unlawful activities related to illegal substances.


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  • Psychedelic Plan Class Pass

    Join us for this interactive class. Bring your journal and art supplies and prepare to be inspired for this hands-on class.

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