What's in Your Baggie?

What's in Your Baggie?


What is harm reduction? Why is harm reduction important to psychedelics? Find this and more out with our online Harm Reduction Class

Every year, more people are turning to non-prescription therapies as a way to combat PTSD and depression. As this illegal market grows, psychedelic substances are increasing adulterated with harmful, even deadly chemicals. The side effects can range from potentiating a difficult psychological experience to causing an overdose.

In this presentation, you will be introduced to the wide world of harm reduction and drug testing, including legal implications. You will learn:

-What is harm reduction?

-Why is harm reduction important to psychedelics?

-What are substance testing and reagent techniques?

-General dosage guidelines.

-Possible drug interactions.

PRESENTER: Sean Philips is an overdose survivor making him a passionate harm reduction advocate. His advocacy for psychedelics has lead him to dedicate his free time to groups that provide peer support and education in the festival and club scenes. Sean is an experienced Sanctuary volunteer for regional Burning Man events across Texas and acts as a Team Lead for a local chapter. He primarily works with the nonprofit, RestPit, whose mission is to provide fact-based education, supplies, and peer-to-peer support to reduce harm at music-related events. He is vigilant about providing unbiased science-based information. Sean is an artist as well and owns a tattoo studio with his wife.


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