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The Why In Psychedelics - Resource Guide

The Why In Psychedelics - Resource Guide



Examining and questioning WHY you are interested in psychedelics will inform the rest of the psychedelic experience and offer you a game plan to create an optimal environment with benefit maximization and harm reduction in mind.



Join us as we explore the WHY part of psychedelics. 


This Class Will :

  • Explore Intention, Curating and Creating an Ideal Set and Setting,Examine various ‘WHY archetypes’ and their utilization of psychedelics

  • Examine the psychology of ritual and its intersection with psychedelics

  • Dig into how to utilize ritual to bring intention into an experience to influence set and setting

  • Teach you to create and utilize an intention to deepen your psychedelic experience

  • Give an opportunity to create an individual intention statement and discuss personal applications of ritual.


About your presentor Tobey T. 

  • Owner/Coach Altered States Integration

  • Founder/Former President Psychedelic Club of Denver(Currently on Steering Committee)

  • Naropa University Candidate for M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Fall 2023)

  • Decriminalize Nature Advocate (Denver & Washington DC)

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