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What is Peer Integration Coaching?

Integration is the supportive process that involves examining a non-ordinary state experience with curiosity to assimilate any emotions, ideas, or energies that are significant to the journeyer. Altered States Integration Coaches create a safe space through listening and reflection to illuminate the clients inner wisdom. Integration is not a linear process and may involve support groups, journaling, art, and time.


Altered States Integration coaches are highly experienced and come from a variety of backgrounds just like you. Peer coaches are trained in a type of psychological inquiry called Motivational Interviewing that relies on the clients innate ability to problems solve. This helps remove any personal biases the coach may have clearing the path for maximum discovery.
Our integration coaches also have personal experience journeying in non-ordinary states of consciousness and guiding them. We are passionate about psychedelic harm reduction and volunteer at festivals providing psychedelic first aid.

Peer Integration Coaches

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Altered States Integration offer psychedelic retreats?

No, we do not host psychedelic retreats since most substances are illegal worldwide. In the future, we will be adding workshops and retreats exploring legal ways to access altered states of consciousness.

Can I join an integration circle if I’ve never experienced an altered state?

While larger, in-person support circles invite  non-users to come and participate, because of Altered States small group size we ask that people who are curious about non-ordinary states join us for upcoming webinars and workshops.

Do you take insurance?

Altered States Integration does not provide medical services so we are unable to take insurance. Using peer coaches allows us to keep our integration services affordable.

Is online integration coaching right for me?

If you are looking to better understand a recent psychedelic experience or need help staying accountable to the message received during an altered state, then peer integration coaching is right for you.

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About the Founders

Passion & Expereince


E. J. O.

Elizabeth-jane O. is a holistic Nutritionist and Change Coach with 12 years of medical practice. Her journey to become a healer was fueled from the need to overcome childhood traumas. Elizabeth has used her training to quit many of the self harming behaviors of BPD. During the last decade, she has studied human behavior, psychology, yoga, flow states, and mindfulness based therapies. Elizabeth recently combined these tools with psychedelics in experiments to neurohack her emotional suffering from depression. She talks about this in her new book, “Breaking Emotional Addiction: Nuerohacking Borderline Personality Disorder with Ibogaine.”

Elizabeth studied both herbal medicine and nutrition at Bastyr University, a college of natural medicine. She travels teaching workshops and has a virtual coaching practice. In her free time she does peer support in online forums and volunteers at festivals offering psychedelic harm reduction. Elizabeth is passionate to reducing the barriers to finding compassionate support for processing non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Tobey Tobey

Tobey T. is a active psychedelic advocate and an harm reduction specialist. He was introduced to psychedelic harm reduction work and has over 4 years volunteering with the Zendo Project as both a sitter and a shift lead. His passion for community outreach and policy change, led him to join in creating the Denver Psychedelic Club. He co-facilitates the chapter’s monthly peer integration circle and is serving his 3rd year as President of the club.

Tobey has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business. He is pursuing a masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology with the intention of starting a private practice for psychedelic therapists, specializing on the integration of altered states. Tobey also volunteers promoting DanceSafe doing on-site peer education at events in the nightlife sector providing drug, health and safety tools.


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Altered States Integration owners and operators are not licensed therapists and do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. Peer-coaches do not assess individuals for mental health conditions nor provide psychotherapy, counseling or any other mental health services that may require board licensure.

Altered States Integration does NOT encourage or condone the purchase, sale or transfer of any illegal substances, nor do they encourage or condone partaking in any unlawful activities related to illegal substances. Any correspondence violating these terms, to or on Altered States Integration’s website will be ignored, deleted, and blocked.

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